Our commitment to excellence is unsurpassed, resulting in exceptional quality and outstanding customer service. With over 55 years experience producing the best Ni-Hard castings, Texaloy sets the industry standard. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every casting we make.

Excellence in the Process.
Texaloy's modern induction furnaces provide high quality molten Ni-Hard at just the right temperature to molds on the pouring floor.

Ensuring the Integrity.
Every Mixer Blade cast at Texaloy contains its own unique casting number. This number provides access to information including the heat number, chemistry, carbon equivalent, pouring temperature as well as other critical facts. Just another step in ensuring the consistency and integrity of our products.


Close tabs are kept on each step of the manufacturing process, ensuring the overall consistency and quality of our products. The information we receive from the different systems in place enables us to make adjustments throughout the development of our products

Quality Control.
Once the casting is complete, it is sent to our cleaning, finishing and inspection stations where risers, gating, parting lines and mold materials are removed. The Quality Control Department gives all of Texaloy's products a final inspection and then castings are packaged and readied to ship. Texaloy's castings are in over 80 countries around the world.

55 Years in the Making.Texaloy's production of high quality Ni-Hard castings dates back 55 years. These castings, called Long Bottoms, Trowels, or Castings, are used in the concrete industry and are precision machined to close tolerances.

Details Make the Difference.
SEM micrograph of a deep-etched Ni-Hard 1 sample, showing the continuous plates of the eutectic carbide and secondary carbides. (Etched with Aqua Regia) The hardness of Ni-Hard 1 is a function of the proper ratio of hard carbides to the martensitic matrix. Texaloy's ability to produce a "balanced alloy" makes Texaloy Ni-Hard the standard in the concrete industry.

Quality - It's in the Details.
Samples from every heat poured at Texaloy are polished, etched, and examined under a microscope to ensure the proper matrix structure and the correct amount of M3C carbides.

Creating the Perfect Mold.
Each casting begins with the perfect mold, ensuring the quality of each casting. With over 100 years of combined experience, Texaloy's molders bring a wealth of knowledge to the molding process, creating new air set molds that can withstand the heat and stress of solidifying metal.

Upholding the Highest Standards.
Texaly conducts "toughness" tests on samples from every heat of iron poured. Using a dynamic tear testing machine designed by the 5D Special Iron Committee of the American Foundrymen's Society, the toughness and durability of Texaloy's materials are tested every day in our foundry. Texaloy is one of only a few locations, including the Department of Energy, that has this testing equipment.

Setting the Standards.
Every Ni-Hard heat produced at Texaloy is inspected for proper chemistry. Using a spectrometer, our inspectors make sure each heat of Ni-Hard castings is produced according to certified ASTM Specification Standards.

Solid Results.
Ni-Hard is poured into molds at specific temperatures and allowed to solidify. This process produces a quality casting that is fully dense and free of defects. The casting in the mold then goes to shake out where the casting is removed from the sand mold.

Guaranteed Consistency.
Measuring liquids, solidus, and beginning- and end-of-freezing temperatures, Texaloy's computer-operated Eutectometer provides valuable metallurgical information that is critical to the production of high-quality Ni-Hard castings.

Texaloy Foundry Company manufactures replacement parts to fit machines manufactured by the companies listed in this online catalog. Texaloy is not affiliated with these companies. Our castings are genuine Texaloy castings and are made in the U.S.A.